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Indoor Archery Cape Town

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Bowtime Indoor Archery Club

Bowtime Indoor Archery Club (NPO: 294-413) – located in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.
Indoor Archery for all age types. Book for a Team, a One-on-One lesson or bring the Whole Family.

Indoor Archery Cape Town
Bowtime Indoor Archery Club

Bowtime Indoor Archery Club (NPO: 294-413)
Located in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.
Indoor Archery for all age types. Book for a Team, a One-on-One lesson or bring the Whole Family.

Bowtime Indoor Archery Club

Bowtime Indoor Archery Club

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Memberships from all ages .
Compete against your peers and join Events

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Weekdays 10h00 -19h00
Saturday 09h00 - 17h00

News and Events

News from Around SA and the world .
Find out whats happening in the world of Archery.

Who We Are

Based in Cape Town, We are an N.P.O. Indoor Archery Club for all ages and skill levels. We bring fun and excitement back into this age old sport, developing skills and friendships along the way, This is the best place to spend a day with your friends, colleagues, and team-mates.

infrastructure and facilities, improvements in archery ranges and training centers enhance the accessibility of the sport to a broader audience. This translates into better training opportunities for athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite competitors.

Given the dynamic nature of Archery we encourage you to join a club, explore local South African news sources, archery federation websites, and social media platforms for the most current and accurate information on the latest news, achievements, and developments in the world of archery in South Africa.

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Call us for Info, Bookings and Private Coaching.

Please email us for bookings and more information.

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Indoor Archery Cape Town

We Sell Archery Equipment

Need new supplies? Get them here or contact us for more info.

Bowtime Membership Program

Thinking about starting Archery - Join our Club.

Thinking about starting Archery ?
- Join our Club.

Archery Lessons and Memberships for all ages →

Archery Lessons and Memberships for all ages

Are you interested in an unusual sport, which not only builds upper body strength, but also teaches concentration and a high degree of self discipline. find out more and get hold of one of our support staff.
Indoor Archery Cape Town

Beginner lessons under the guidance experienced Archery Instructors.

Indoor Archery Cape Town

Compete against your peers or in social and club tournaments.

Indoor Archery Cape Town

 For Professional Archers who want to perfect their technique and compete  Nationally

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Bowtime Indoor Archery
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Indoor Archery Cape Town


Find Out More About Us.

Indoor Archery Cape Town
Do you want to be part of a team? Have a competitive nature?
Come to our club and have a chat with some of Members.

BOWTIME Indoor Archery Club (NPO: 294-413)  was unofficially launched in August 2013. The venue / club were started with a common interest – Archery. BOWTIME Archery is a home for Archers and anyone with a passion for the outdoors.

BOWTIME Indoor Archery Club (NPO: 294-413) is here to promote Archery in the Western Cape of South Africa and especially under our youth in schools. There are always qualified dedicated archers to assist on all the events. We also cater for birthday parties, corporate days and various team building

Absolutely anyone with an interest in archery can join. We have special low rates for family membership as the whole idea is that the sport should be enjoyed by the whole family. Some of our youngest members are 4 years old. Ladies are very welcome as this is a sport where you compete against other ladies and men.

You need to come to a practice or shoot and meet some of the club members. You need nothing more than closed shoes. If you have a bow, then you can immediately join in the fun. If you do not own a bow, then come and see what they look like and what you prefer.
Be warned – this is an addictive sport.

We are open Monday to Saturday at our premises 52B Gemini Street. An Archery shop with a mini kiosk dealing with cash / Card / EFT and various other facilities is also available onsite.

Club members are free to use the range from Monday to Saturday and qualify for discounts at the BOWTIME Archery Shop.

Archery Associations

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Pro Archery Tips

Tips and Advice for the perfect shot:

Benefits of  Starting Archery

Upcoming Events This Year

We love Competition

Indoor Archery Cape Town

December 2023

Do you want to participate or be a supporter or spectator? Contact Us now if you would like more information on any upcoming Archery Events.

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